About Us


Xuzhou Sainuo Quartz Co., Ltd.


We are an expert company focused on fused quartz manufacturing over 10 years.
The main products are Fused silica block/Fused silica sand/Fused silica powder/Micron Powder and so on.
We have advanced production equipment and skilled technical team which can service comes before sales and provide the comprehensive technical solution, to create values with customers and share the results with employees!

Enterprise Spirit

Our enterprise spirit is serious to things, sincere to others. We aspire to establish a century-old industry, become an international famous quartz company and benefit the society, nature the industry with spirit of innovation and repay the society with high-quality products.

What We Do

Our company located in Ahu Town, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou Sainuo Quartz Co., Ltd. is a private technology company specializing in the production of Fused silica products. The main products include Fused silica blocks, Fused silica sand and Fused silica powder, and the products are mainly used for polysilicon crucible manufacturing, quartz ceramic roller, industrial ceramics, ceramics for daily use, precision casting, lining materials, castables, amorphous refractories and other refractory materials.

Founded in 2011
Focus on fused silica manufacturing more than 10 years
The annual output 1800 tons

Our Story

Established in 2011 with an annual output of 1800 tons and few categories of products. In 2015, 6600 tons, production with a full range of products, and launch the products for precision casting. In 2018, the output increased to 12000 tons. There has been a steady of increase in output each year.

Why Choose Us

All technical indicators and actual application effect of the products are first-class at home and abroad, and the products have achieved good performance nationally and internationally, and currently the company has established extensive and close business cooperation with many well-know domestic companies and multinational corporations, and is working on active expansion and continuous innovation to improve the process and technology level, take the road of quality and better serve to the customers.